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“Copyright for Artists – Presented by Stephen Slusher” Workshop at the Brentwood Arts Exchange in the #GatewayArts Center


I’m very appreciative to attend this workshop at the Brentwood Arts Exchange, which is one of several workshops in this series. Hope to share some findings later on today!

For more information, visit arts.pgparks.com.

Copyright for Artists – Presented by Stephen Slusher

Your art is unique and creative and your own. Learn how to ensure that it stays that way by attending a workshop on artists’ copyright issues.

The Brentwood Arts Exchange in partnership with the Gateway CDC presents a series of 5 professional development workshops for visual artists. Topics include tips on marketing art work, navigating copyright issues, pricing, and improving your portfolio presentations. All workshops are free and open to the public.

Presented in partnership with the Gateway CDC and the Prince George’s Arts & Humanities Council.


@PGAAMCC’s “A Space Of Their Own” Opening Reception tonite 1/14 @ 7pm #gatewayarts

It’s a festive evening tonight at the Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center’s Gallery 110! The reception, at Gallery 110 and at the Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center, is full of people. The exhibition features the four incorporated towns of Prince George’s County, North Brentwood, Eagle Harbor, Fairmount Heights, and Glenarden. The reception will open to the public at 7pm, please come on out!

For more information, go to PGAAMCC’s website.


Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays! Tonight’s Chanukkah, and in a few days it’ll be Christmas, then Kwanzaa, then the Winter Solstice. This used to mean I’d get off school, now I just get the pleasure of watching other people be off from school and work…

Looking for Holiday presents? Visit the Brentwood Arts Exchange’s Craft Store! As I’ve said before and will say again, the items here are unique, fashionable, and inexpensive (for the most part). If you want to buy something for a loved one that isn’t from Bed, Bath, and Beyond or from Target, the Brentwood Arts Exchange sells jewelry, pottery (vases, bakeware, dinnerware, etc.), artistic storage boxes, scarves, prints, paintings, sculpture, and more.

Holiday Shopping?
Stop by the Brentwood Arts Exchange this season to

Give Art, Give Craft and Buy Local

As part of the Prince George’s Department of Parks and Recreation, Arts and Cultural Heritage Division, the Brentwood Arts Exchange works to support local artists and artisans. We feature a craft showcase with affordable fine craft and art works, including textiles, glass, ceramics, metalwork, jewelry, encaustic, and more. 75% of the sales price of works sold goes directly to the artists.

“Coming Home” closes this Sat 9/10 at PGAAMCC #gatewayarts

This week is your LAST CHANCE to see the Prince George’s African American Museum & Cultural Center’s “Coming Home” exhibit at their Gallery 110 space in the Gateway Arts Center. It’s worth checking out! View my original post here. The museum is open 10am-5pm Tu-Fri and Saturday 10am-5pm. For more info, visit www.pgaamcc.org.

Also, at the Gateway Arts Center this Saturday, the Brentwood Arts Exchange is having its opening reception for the 2011 Prince George’s Juried Exhibition, “The Sky’s The Limit” from 5-8pm, the 39th St Gallery is having its opening reception “Trade”, and “Hello, Mosaics by Liza Linder” exhibits in the 39th St Corridor. It’s all from 5-8pm!

“Tenant Artists Exhibit” and “Migrations” at 39th St Gallery, this Sat 7/16 4-7pm alongside “Artistic Reflections” at BAE in Gateway Arts Center #gatewayarts

There’s a great lucky number of exhibit receptions going on this Saturday in the Gateway Arts Center! Three:

  1. Artistic Reflections at the Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center, 4pm-7pm featuring works by David C. Driskell, Starmanda Bullock, Jeremy Austin, and Sylvia Snowden
  2. Tenant Artists Exhibit at the 39th Street Gallery at Gateway Arts Center, 4pm-7pm featuring works by Laurie Breen, Joe Hicks, Ani Kasten, Katie Dell Kaufman, David Korte, Liz Saint Rain, Charles Reiher, Charles Sessoms, Tina Silverman, Linda Uphoff, and Michael Hunter Horlick
  3. MIGRATIONS: Perspectives on an elemental impulse at the 39th Street Gallery at Gateway Arts Center, 4pm-7pm featuring works by Shahin Shikhaliyev, Krista Schlyer, Sonia Keiner, and Favianna Rodriguez
Don’t miss out! Find out more about the Brentwood Arts Exchange’s Artistif Reflections on our Upcoming Blog Post, here. And you can find more information on the 39th St. Gallery at www.39thstreetgallery.org/! I also found a great post on Migrations written by Krysta Schlyer on The Borderlands Project blog.

Enroll your kids in Summer Art Camps! Check out Creative Expressions at the Brentwood Arts Exchange #gatewayarts

If you haven’t already enrolled your child in a summer art camp, it’s an experience worth every penny. Since my days as a camper, CIT, and then Counselor at Camp Milldale in Reisterstown, I’ve experienced what joy and studious work camp can become when it’s educational and fun. The Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center focuses on just that with its Creative Expressions Camp, which runs June 27th-August 5th. It’s first three weeks are now full, and it’s 4th, 5th, 6th week are filling up! The 4th and 6th week are for ages 10-14, the 5th week (below) is for ages 6-12. (more…)

“Artistic Reflections” exhibit at the Brentwood Arts Exchange, July-August 2011, #gatewayarts

Please stop by the Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center to experience their latest exhibit, Artistic Reflections, now on display until August 13th. I’ve fallen entranced by Sylvia Snowden’s Malik, Farewell ’til we meet again and David C. Driskell’s Dancing Angel, just to name two awesome works of art. Find out more here!

Opening Reception: Saturday, July 16 4-7pm



“Walking Off the Artistic Cliff” at Brentwood Arts Exchange #gatewayarts #artisticcliff


After grabbing some grub, time to pay a bit more attention! I’m at this amazing panel discussion called “Walking Off the Artistic Cliff” at Brentwood Arts Exchange at Gateway Arts Center. The panel features Welmoed Laanstra, Jack Rasmussen, Claudia Rousseau, and is moderated by Ellyn Weiss. Part of the “Big Ideas” exhibit, which closes June 11th!

Tweeting now at #artisticcliff, and gonna stop tweeting with #gatewayarts for the night, hehe.

Think BIGGER: “Big Ideas” at the Brentwood Arts Exchange

I just came across a behind-the-scenes blog from one of the artists behind “Big Ideas”, Ellyn Weiss! For days now I’ve been cultivated at work, sitting and churning over the wide array of fun, must-not-touch, must-get-up-and-jump-for-joy artwork—and today, I know a bit behind the process.

ImageWatching Sondra N. Arkin, Susan Finsen, and Ellyn Weiss create and cultivate this art exhibit has been absolutely amazing and invaluable. Their collaboration is the product and process of enjoying one another’s company, learning to compromise, laughing and having a good time, and respecting one another’s process. It’s truly an example of how three people can come together, work with others, and together start something no one would ever want to stop: creating a joyful place. Here’s a quote from Ellyn’s blog:

We began meeting weekly to try to approach some common vision of the installation. There was lots of coffee and talk, some conceptual drawings, the sharing of references to the work of some favorite artists, but still the lingering doubt that we were each actually “seeing” the same thing in our mind’s eyes, or if we were seeing anything concrete enough to execute at all. After some 6 weeks or so of this, we reached a fateful decision; we would stop trying to plan it all in advance and begin to play together with various materials, hoping that a more concrete shared vision would emerge in this way.

We learned that we share an affinity for materials with a sort of arcane industrial look that seem well used and aged. We were inspired by Community Forklift in Hyattsville, where renovators donate salvaged building materials from nails to sinks and they are sold at bargain prices to be recycled. Community Forklift not only provided us with our initial art materials, it embodies the spirit of renewal, re-use and rebirth of the Gateway District that we try to reflect in Community Spirit.

Big Ideas has its opening reception THIS SATURDAY from 5pm-8pm at the Brentwood Arts Exchange @ Gateway Arts Center. I’ll be there, I hope you can stop by!

Resonant Forms at Brentwood Arts Exchange and the Prince George’s African American Museum and Cultural Center

I’m proud to let you know about Resonant Forms at the Gateway Arts Center in Brentwood, MD. Presented by Brentwood Arts Exchange and the Prince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center, the exhibit opened thisFebruaryfor Black History Month and will be open until April 9th! The opening reception is Friday the 11th from 5pm-8pm. As some of my friends and readers may know, Ill be starting as an administrative assistant at the Brentwood Arts Exchange on Monday!That means I had the opportunity to see the show just a day after it opened last Wednesday, and I can tell you that the works are just mesmerizing!

I can tell you now: The exhibits so full of energy! Its a celebration of life and exploration by three amazing artists:Martha Jackson-Jarvis, Alonzo Davis, and Frank Smith. I had the opportunity to meet Alonzo Davis back in November when I posted a series of photos from an exhibit of his at the Spotlight Cafe just up the street in Mt. Rainier. I could spend hours just figuring out the different materials he finds and creates to make the marks and forms that describe his bamboo sculptures. Speaking of figuring things out, I found myself on the floor crawling around Martha Jackson-Jarviss sculptures looking at every nook and cranny as I tried to see things from the floor from their perspective. I sort of want to hug his works, not because they look cuddly or anything, but because I too could be crawling on the ground with them. Its like a jungle of color and texture in the gallery, Ill be hopping from the floor and climbing on the walls and up the cieling! Its all to easy to find my eyes tracing the beautiful collage canvases of Frank Smith, whose works reflect jazz and hip-hoppery in their meaning. Its these sewn with beats and blues type works that get the heart and mind rolling! You can see earthy tones in Davis and Smiths works, but with Martha Jackson-Jarviss works I found myself mesmerized at her paintings. I see the sky and the earth when I look at them. I suppose they remind me of the power and spirit that a great abstract painting can give to the viewer. Im really looking forward to reading through the collection book on Monday. Id love to see how these three artists were chosen as their works complement the space and one another so well.

The exhibits opening reception is Friday the 11th at 5pm-8pm! Will I see you? Ill be there early on!

For more information on the exhibit, see the post below or visitarts.pgparks.com/Our_Facilities/Brentwood_Arts_Exchange_Gateway_Arts_Center/Exhibitions.htm

To find out more about thePrince Georges African American Museum and Cultural Center, Inc., visit www.pgaamcc.org (more…)