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Jenny Sidhu Mullins Creates Work for the Art on the Art Bus @Artisphere

On route to Artisphere to see the Frida Kahlo Photographs exhibition, I discovered the intriguing work of Jenny Sidhu Mullins, the Artist In Residence for the Art Bus Project. The second Art Bus artist I’ve met (Victor Epkuk months ago), Mullins exhibits paintings, drawings, and has an electronic “Future Life Animal” machine on exhibition, called The New American Reincarnation Machine. Accompanied with multimedia drawings and paintings, today is her second day in studio, and already she has begun to capture the space and brainstorm ideas.


She describes the Art Bus Project as a great space to bring art to the people, as folks may be hesistant to come to galleries. Her work rings well with me, discussing themes like American spirituality and national identity: karma, mourning, our relation to animals, and how we play with these themes. Jenny is a delight to speak with, eager to engage with the public as they become entranced on route to the Kahlo exhibition.




When I ask how she describes her latest piece, she responds that the has begun the piece as a “Playful, colorful work that uses animals [to] talk about consumerism. There are some serious issues…to focus to over-consumption…every holiday, every social event is related to consumerism. Hopefully the public will be seduced by [my art]’s aesthetic qualities.” She continues, “I’m interested in creating work that has a sophisticated level of rendering. I feel like it creates a way to enter into the piece. I’d like to get [the public] to think about consumerism and get them to think about it in. their own lives.”


In residence until April 15th, I invite you to join me in visiting as Jenny Sidhu Mullin’s work grows. Her studio is at the Arlington Arts Center, only two miles or so away, and you can view more of her work online at www.jennymullins.com. She is in residency at the Works-In-Progress Gallery Wednesdays-Fridays 4-7:30. Visit www.Artisphere.com for more information.



“Converging Cultural Tapestries” Closing Reception at Zimstone Gallery #gatewayarts

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I love visiting Zimstone Gallery and need to make the time more often! Today is the Closing Reception for Converging Cultural Tapestries at Zimstone Gallery, featuring the work of Eileen Cave and Pierre-Antoine Goho. Their works are vibrant and energetic, and the color palettes complement one another in a subtle yet festive fashion.



To add to this great display, Gallery Owner Jeff Brown sells and displays gorgeous stone sculpture from Zimbabwean artists. The sculptures on exhibit add to Cave and Goho’s works, almost each sculpture and each painting dancing in its own way, capturing movement and appreciation of happiness in its very form.


To contrast, sprinkled across such seemingly-pleasant sculptures are works that are sad, stern, contained, or strong-angled. These darker themes make me think of the artists’ inspirations–their peoples and livelihood. As I stare at 3 Generations of Proud Shona Women, and comment on the contained, honest, painfully proud expressions, Cave comments, ” There’s weight in that. It has grace and elegance. ”

Minutes later, Brown speaks with Cave and Goho about the dwindling numbers of sculptors as artists age. ” The whole point of having this particular space is to have sculpture available while exhibiting visiting artists. ” As Brown shows me several photographs from visits with Sylvester Mubayi, amongst other Zimbabwean artists, I am thankful to have this resource in my neighborhood.

Zimstone Gallery is located at 4814 Rhode Island Ave, Brentwood MD, 20722. For more information, go to www.zimstonegallery.com, or call 301.699.1499. View more of Eileen Cave’s artwork at HCAAonline.org, and Pierre-Antoine Goho’s artwork at GohoArt.net.



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“Thirst” Opening Reception at 39th St Gallery alongside “Polymorphism: Mutations in ART” by UM Art Hnrs at #GatewayArts Ctr

I just had to leave but must come back to see J.J. McCracken’s Thirst Installation OPEN NOW at the 39th St Gallery at Gateway Arts Center. I know I blogged to introduce it, and ironically have to leave, but the power behind her work is astronomical and also ironically, very earth-powered. Her work reflects the ironies of feeding our homeless easy-to-produce fatty foods, and the vast amount of ill-nutritious food on the market to America’s masses. Her work is individual driven and speaks to your relationship to earth–to dirt and the thirst for water. For more info on J.J. McCracken, see her website.

Also, last but not least, the University of Maryland Department of Art Honors Program is exhibiting Polymorphism: Mutations in ART . The students’ work reflects the engenuity of each student and the honors program as a whole. Makes me proud!

“Thirst” Opening Reception by JJ McCracken at 39th St Gallery next Sat 1/7 from 5:30-8:30pm & “Polymorphism: Mutations in ART” by UMD Art Honors at #GatewayArts Ctr

I am happy to blog about J.J. McCracken’s Thirst Installation being installed at the 39th St Gallery at Gateway Arts Center. It opens on Saturday, January 7th with an opening reception from 5:30pm-8:30pm. Now, as good fortune has it, as Artist in Residence I’ve had the opportunity to see some of the making of this installation, and that was only the framework! I really look forward to seeing what this magnificent artist does with the space. It’ll be a full emersion into another world! For more info on J.J. McCracken, see her website.

Also, last but not least, the University of Maryland Department of Art Honors Program is exhibiting Polymorphism: Mutations in ART in the 39th Street Gallery Corridor Exhibition Space. For an alum like myself, seeing familiar faces and the amazing art coming from my alma mater is inspiring. It’s wonderful to see fellow students growing outside of themselves and coming into their own.

More information below!

an installation by J.J. McCracken
Curated by Claire Huschle
January 7-February 18, 2012
Saturday, January 7
from 5:30-8PM
39th Street Gallery
3901 Rhode Island Ave., Brentwood, MD 20722
Entrance on 39th Street, Second Floor
“Thirst is a response to McCracken’s two-person performance Thirst, and the Martyr. Both works draw attention to access to resources, asking viewers to consider scarcity and abundance, both locally and globally. Where the performance allowed for a passive reception, however, Thirst places performative responsibility on the audience. Viewers are required to keep their attention fixed upon their senses, movement, and personal space. In this light, the installation invokes experiences both familiar and foreign.”
-Claire Huschle, Curator
Also Showing in the 39th Street Corridor Space: 
Students from The University of Maryland’s Department of Art Honors Program:
Chuk Agubokwu, Sheila Bell, Teddy Denman-Brice, Malia Dyson, Kevin Gomes, Ian McDermott and Jessica Murray.


Interior Design is Art Holiday Party & Closing Reception at Riggio Design #gatewayarts

GORGEOUS exhibition. So proud of you Erica!

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SUN DEC 11 6-10, HYATTSVILLE: Interior Design is Art Holiday Party & Closing Reception at Riggio Design, located within the artdc@lustine gallery space. Ever been to an interior design exhibition? Riggio has added new vintage pieces, refinished antiques, newly redesigned spaces to this festive collection. This exhibition literally transforms space. Please join this great crowd for their special holiday celebration. Good food, good drink, and good cheer! www.riggiodesign.com


Holiday Wrap & Go Show at c.d. Edwards Studio #gatewayarts

Cheryl’s Studio is a buzz with great finds and great folks for the holiday season!

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SUN DEC 11 12-4PM, BRENTWOOD:  Holiday Wrap & Go Show at c.d. Edwards. Cheryl Edwards Studio is located at 4303 Rhode Island Ave. N. Brentwood, studio 215. Cheryl has opened her studio space for members of the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance–10 HCAA members will be vending this Sunday!  Come support artists and get some unique gifts for the holidays!



Shape Shifters Artist Talk at 39th St Gallery #gatewayarts

Such an intimate space, the 39th Street Gallery. Great people, groovy food, gorgeous artwork!

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SAT DEC 10 2-4PM, BRENTWOOD: Shape Shifters Artist Talk at 39th St Gallery, Gateway Arts Center. Join curator Stewart Watson and artists Jan Razauskas and Karl Connolly as they discuss their pleasantly unexpected complementing body of work. “Connolly and Razauskas morph between realistic and abstract images, photography and painting, drawing and installation, but the content of their sublime works remains constant in their scripting of how we view what they see.”


Courtney Miller Bellairs at A/Work Gallery #gatewayartsdistrict

I’m enjoying listening to Courtney Miller Bellairs at the A/Work Gallery in Hyattsville. Her work is a matter of process, idiosyncratic objects, and the stretching statement. I hadn’t known about A/Work Gallery at MS&R Architects in Hyattsville, but am glad to be in such a beautiful office/gallery space.

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SAT DEC 10 4PM, HYATTSVILLE: Intellectual Property Artist Talk at AWork Gallery. Join artist Courtney Miller Bellairs and curator Garth Rockcastle for an in-depth conversation of her work. “My paintings investigate the ways people organize, design and color their individual environments. The paintings may focus on a particular way of looking at something, a spatial idea. They may be about inspiring the viewer to appreciate an ordinary situation in a new way. My newest work, is about seeing potential, finding beauty in the ordinary, and making art out of the experiences in life.”  www.aworkgallery.net

Stephanie O'Grady Exhibition Dancing Squares at Publick Playhouse

Stephanie O’Grady’s “Dancing Squares” at the Publick Playhouse in Cheverly

Some time ago, I had the honor of helping to curate Stephanie O’Grady‘s latest exhibit, “Dancing Squares,” at the Publick Playhouse in Cheverly. Her work is simply beautiful, this latest series features abstract shapes that are not only opaque at times reminiscent of stained glass, but are also full of depth and mystery. The pieces’ colors compliment one another, ranging from darks to lights, with the works’ arrangements interacting with one another to entertain both my eye and the mind. What I love so much about Stephanie’s work, is that although her work may appear like itself, each configuration plays a different tune with a wonderful melody of its own.

Stephanie’s work is still up, and will be if I remember correctly, through January. I’ll have to check to be sure. For more information on Stephanie’s work, visit her page on the PGAHC artist registry. More photos below.

“Crucial Steps: Recent Work” Exhibiton Opening Reception Dec 3rd 2-3pm at PG Plaza Community Ctr

My friends, please join me for the opening reception of my newest exhibition, Crucial Steps: Recent Work at the Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, Saturday December 3rd from 2-3pm.The exhibit is thanks to the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance, that has allowed me a solo wall during their exhibit, Retreat. Crucial Steps is a series of four charcoal-pastel-conte-on-intaglio drawings that are a sequel to my Catharis series, which is currently on display at the Gateway Arts Center. Please let me know if you have any questions!

Crucial Steps: Recent Work at PG Plaza Community Center

–> Opening Reception / “Hot Cocoa Artist Talk”

Opening November 17th, visual and performing artist Justin Fair reveals his latest artwork in “Crucial Steps: Recent Work by Justin Fair” at Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, thanks to the Hyattsville Community Arts Alliance. Artwork on display will feature paintings, drawings, prints, and performance videos.

Justin will host an Opening Reception aka “Hot Cocoa Artist Talk” on Saturday, December 3rd, from 2-3pm. Please arrive by 2pm! Exhibition runs until December 17th; Prince George’s Plaza Community Center, 6600 Adelphi Road, Hyattsville, MD 20782. For more information, call Justin Fair at (410) 645-0474 or e-mail Jorlandofair@gmail.com.