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The Male Brand for the 20-30 something?

I browse Pinterest and often stumble across masculine accessories and design schemes, but if you apply that principle to search engines, then I’m done. I need to go to bed. Why? Well, I’ve stumbled across a website called ManCrates.com. It hurts. “Gifts for men.” I give them props and must admire them for the concrete identification of masculine goods and how to present them. But oy vay…for me, this epitomizes the notion of men who want designer can openers but can’t open cans nor actually go camping. Now, I get it’s a thin line between function and form compared with when an individual actually wants to use an item versus their lifestyle, but it’s all a bit heavy on the image of ‘dude’/’man’/’guy’ items and less the items’ purpose itself.

I’ll dig up my post on male v. feminine form for decor, gifts, etc. – Seems only fitting.

I’ll note this isn’t new to me, and I’ve seen this before; especially because the average American male in their 20-30s normally wouldn’t even care about the ‘image’ of the item, let alone paying for a crate of them, but it’s a thing I’ve seen more and more of lately. I get the audience is women shopping for gifts for men. I get it’s folks with money. I get it’s a growing subculture of customized goods. Alas, in my quest to be decor-oriented and stylish, there’s a fine line between taste and tasty.

Too much salt here for me.

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Watch “Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse” on YouTube

Amazing Northern Lights Time Lapse

The Northern Lights are one of nature’s most spectacular visual phenomena, and in this time lapse video they provide a breathtaking display of light, shape, and color over the course of a single night in Norway. See All National Geographic Videos video.nationalgeographic.com/video/?source=4001

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Kerry Washington’s ‘InStyle’ cover isn’t the first to get it wrong t.co/MwnCWICd3i via @mashable

Kerry Washington’s ‘InStyle’ cover isn’t the first to get it wrong

Scandal star Kerry Washington is on the cover of InStyle – but it’s not exactly a celebratory moment. Washington, who is a dark-skinned actress, appears noticeably lighter on the cover, which she posted on Instagram. Commenters quickly took note of her washed-out shade.

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