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Off-Center, UMD School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies

What a production, to say the least

Working as a freshman at the University of Maryland Department of Theatre (now School of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies), I was insistent and determined to promote the student-led theatre production series in the Lab theatre called "Off-Center" at the Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center. Starting with "The Lab" and ending with "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" followed by "Lebenstraum" (for which I did not create the flier), I worked as publicist with each of these shows, and in addition, later on in my student career, worked publicity for the unrelated Shakespeare Players' production of "Julius Caesar" in the same venue.

Location: College Park, MD

Years: 2008

Services: Logo, Print, Marketing

Green Owl Design

An Ongoing Friendship

When I first met Erica Riggio of Green Owl Design, it was a chance meeting upon my stumbling upon the 2nd Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival. Then, a senior student at UMD seeking an internship, little did I know I would work on-and-off with Erica over the years, develop a fruitful long-lasting friendship, curate an exhibition for her gallery called "Hidden Images," and that she would encourage a shared love for all-things-design.

As I work in an adjacent field of community development, I've been honored to assist Erica in her transition from an individual businesswoman to a firm of interior designers, and in the process, it's been a pleasure to watch her grow her team into a companion full-fledged boutique that has benefited from my recommendations in branding and marketing tactics.

Location: Hyattsville, MD

Years: 2010-2016 (varies)

Services: Marketing, Print, Curation

Hidden Images:

Hidden Images at Riggio Design, Hyattsville, MD 2011 04

Telamon Corporation

Planting Seeds in the Community

The mother of a close friend of mine worked with Telamon Corporation, a non-profit that assisted immigrants locate farm industry employment throughout the region. As Telamon increased its tabling at employment fairs, she requested my services designing a custom tri-fold tabletop banner that would engage attendees.

Location: Martinsburg, WV

Years: 2010

Services: Print

Pride Alliance LGBT Student Organization

Work to be 'Proud' Of

I was thrilled to serve as Marketing Coordinator during my time at the University of Maryland's LGBT Student Organization (GSA), the Pride Alliance. During this time, I designed fliers for the organization and managed its website and social media presence. Specifically, my team lead a rally for domestic partnership rights, honored the Transgender Day of Remembrance, organized a music event series, and I curated a gallery event in the Student Union's student organization lobby called "Proudly Coloring Outside the Lines" as part of the LGBT recognition month.

Location: College Park, MD

Years: 2008-2009

Services: Logo, Website, Marketing, Curation

Music Event Series

Curated Gallery Event

Campaigns, Rallies and Events

Website Design

Hyattsville Community Development Corporation

A Mission of Revitalization

I am thankful that with my work as Economic Development Coordinator for the Hyattsville CDC, I can continually put my graphic design services to a public use, creating websites, maps, custom fliers, newsletters, guides, and the like. Of note are designs I've created or adapted for collaborative programs, like the Gateway Arts District promotional website, MyGatewayArts.org, and the CDC's own Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival.

Location: Hyattsville, MD

Years: 2012-Present

Services: Website, Print, Branding, Marketing

Various Programs

Rhode Island Avenue Trolley Trail

Gateway Arts District Programs

Bursting Public Art Series

Hyattsville Arts Festival

Hamsa Jewish LGBT Student Organization

A Logo to be 'Proud' Of

As one of the founding members of the University of Maryland's Jewish LGBT Student Organization (GSA), I designed a logo that was used on fliers, pamphlets, and t-shirts. I also designed fliers during my time with the student organization. I'm happy to say that thanks to then-President, Aaron Shapiro, the t-shirts read "Shomer Negiya Friendly. Little to no mixed dancing."

Location: College Park, MD

Years: 2008

Services: Logo

Rankin Upholstery

Quality and Craftsmanship since 1945

Rankin Upholstery is a Gaithersburg business that's been in operation since 1945. When I met the owner, Dan Simon, he was in the process of renovating property in downtown Hyattsville, so I was more than happy to get a cup of Vigilante Coffee with him and get to work. Dan's work ethic reflects the wider Rankin family vibe, an attention to detail and a wide smile eager with imagination and finesse. He sought an ongoing branding and marketing package, including messaging (slogans, mission, values, etc.), a shop photography session, and graphic design for advertisements, posters, postcards, and logo design. Rankin regularly participate in auto/boat/air shows, regularly seek customer feedback, and are eager to share their portfolio work on their website and social media.

Lastly, surrounding my work with Rankin, I've assisted Dan with another of his companies, Apartment Keepers, in polishing a new brochure and in promoting tenants for one of his properties, called "SoHy". Check it out below at the very bottom of the sets.

Location: Gaithersburg, MD

Years: January 2016-Present

Services: LogoPrint, Branding, Photography, Website

Designs: Logo Design

Designs: Website + Photography

Designs: Customer Satisfaction Postcards

Designs: Advertisements

Designs: Promotions and Posters

Designs: Correspondence

Designs: Apartment Keepers Brochure + SoHy Shops