Project Brief

Mapping the City of the Dead Retaining and Increasing the Significance of Baltimore's City of the Dead CAPTURING THE DATA . MAKING MAPS . TELLING THE STORY Cultural and Ecological Restoration Planning . Fall 2019 Mr. Justin Fair, Masters in City & Regional Planning, Morgan State University

Now Underway

Mr. Justin Fair, a graduate student pursuing his Masters of City and Regional Planning (MCRP) with Morgan State University School of Architecture and Planning, is coordinating an independent study on Mount Auburn Cemetery in partnership with Sharp Street Church and the Westport Community in Baltimore, MD, under faculty advisor, Dr. Samia Rab-Kirchner. The ultimate goal? To create modern online maps of the cemetery so there’s a modern, interactive way to browse the stories of the deceased. In stewardship with the cemetery leadership, this mapping project will illustrate and support the cemetery’s conservation planning.


The objective is to upgrade, expand upon, and merge the previous research efforts done on the Maryland State Archives-stored website (in discussions with archivist Nancy Sheads and historian Dorothy Doughterty), as well as to bridge the various research and planning initiatives that have taken place since then (including elements of Morgan State University’s “Westport Reconnected” Fall 2018 Planning Work).


Please contact Mr. Fair for more information. E-Mail or by telephone at 410-645-0474