How: Deliverables + Tasks


When complete, we hope to have a 2019-friendly website that will feature

  1. A ‘digital museum’ of sorts to share the many stories of those interned at the cemetery, as well as of the efforts of restoring and maintaining the grounds, that will connect with
  2. An interactive web map that will allow for easier updating of grave locations and headstones’ conditions; and
  3. An overlay of the cemetery’s grounds section-maps, which were, prior to Fall 2018’s wider-neighborhood Studio this past semester, rolled-up sheets that lived separate from an online catalog of who’s buried where.
  4. Lastly, a website the cemetery can use to house and better present their operations.


These deliverables are organized into the following sets of tasks over summer and fall 2019:

  1. Task 1 – Geodatabase and Adapt Map
  2. Task 2 – Draw Interpretive Tour and Open Air Greeting Plaza
  3. Task 3 – Create interaction with web spreadsheet database and publish online
  4. Task 4- Geocode Photographs to Grave Markers, and Assemble Materials for Digital Exhibition
  5. Task 5-Further enhance the Mt Auburn Cemetery website: First, save-face by updating website; second, by generating and curating proof of process content.

A work sample of Deliverable #3, digitizing the print section maps (in four steps):