Why: Part of a Wider Goal: Conservation

A Larger Vision

What: We propose the use of multimodal imaging techniques to complement more traditional analytical techniques to optimize capture of data and their analysis, visualization and management, to ensure a better documentation and long term preservation and recognition of Mt Auburn Cemetery. Chiefly, Mr. Fair is building a geodatabase that would house an interactive map for users to browse the locations of those buried along with individual and wider thematic stories.

Why: An interactive website with a user-accessible mapping database will meet this demand and bring due attention to this very significant historic African American cultural landscape, and help in nominating this cultural heritage site on the US World Heritage Tentative List.

Cultural and Ecological Restoration Plan

Cultural and Ecological Restoration Plan for Mount Auburn Cemetery Retaining and Increasing the Significance of the Cemetery to the City of Baltimore + to Westport Ecological restoration Interpretive Tour Greeting Plaza August 2018 – Studio 520 Washina Ford, Justin Fair, Jessie Hillman

And as an abridged PDF posterboard format: