Biography / Statement


Justin Fair is an arts manager and a visual artist in the Baltimore-DC area, specializing in graphic design and abstract dry media. A graduate of the University of Maryland College Park with a double-degree in studio art and theatre, Mr. Fair works during the day as the Economic Development Coordinator for the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation. He is thrilled to work with teams making measurable growth for business innovation, urban planning and design, and the arts.

Mr. Fair also works in dry-media, acrylic painting, and seasonally freelances video performance art at


Justin Fair s dry media drawings phrase dark themes with an optimistic silver lining. With a rich palette of innate tones and textures, he explores primal human concepts, like conflict-of-character, childhood joys and spiritual awakening (examples include 2011’s “Jumpers”, 2012’s “Play”, and 2011’s “Shechinah”, respectively).With works like “Sick” (2009), “Catharsis” (2011), and “New Life” (2014), Fair channels heartfelt concepts stemming from fearful isolation, question, and unknown opportunity into narratives of conquering fear, earnest devotion and capturing joy. His work is autobiographical and an exploration of discipline or the lack there-of.When not scratching marks on paper, Mr. Fair enjoys acrylic painting, seasonally freelances video performance art, and through Soulstrong Design, implements graphic design through branding and marketing packages for small businesses.