Catharsis | Crucial Steps



Crucial Steps


From the solo-exhibition:

This exhibit is a glimpse into my aspirations for my future and a test for myself in the present. Each of these works suggests a possibility in questioning which direction my painting and my drawing can go, in both technique as well as in content. As I revealed in my Catharsis series, which is currently on display at Gateway Arts Center on the 2nd floor in the 39th Street Gallery Corridor Exhibition Space, my artwork over 2011 has been pulling, both emotionally and practically. My artwork reflects my heart and my mind. I wondered, ‘Can I take the hard road? Can I commit? Am I willing to take the risk?’ And most importantly, ‘I have been careful, I have taken baby steps, so…is it time to do more?”

After I graduated from the University of Maryland last December, I found myself with many questions and too few answers. Since my graduation, I have found some answers yet even more questions. I found a stable job, I found a new home, and I found someone who I can honestly say I love. I found a lot, yes, but I didn’t find myself. I created myself. And I have many people to thank in that process.

Crucial Steps is an homage to taking big steps in life. I sought to create works that take negative tones and drag and lift them into something brighter, or at least…truer. I wanted to creatively dig down and pull up any of my self-driven or others-driven troubles and really address them. Even though something may be damaging, you grow from that damage. I grew from that damage. These works each interpret that statement differently. As you look at each work, I invite you to question what you see and what it means to you. Create a story and make it your own.