What are the best things to do on weekends as a student at the University of Maryland?

Live like a local! Or, have a great time spending money and/or time in your own community. Here’s my list, but Maryland Milestones has a whole set of brochures to answer this.

  1. MilkBoy ArtHouse for brews and drinks and live music
  2. Franklin’s in Hyattsville, Pizza Paradiso or Chez Dior for dinner, and boutique shops in the Gateway Arts District
  3. Hop between Vigilante Coffee and Board and Brew
  4. Head to local mainstay pubs and grubs like Hard Times Cafe or up north, Old Line Spirits or the numerous international restaurants in Beltsville
  5. Go see real theatre and music at The Clarice
  6. Go see real art at the UM Art Gallery, Stamp Gallery, Driskell Center
  7. College Park Airport Museum, Rhode Island Trolley Trail, and Lake Artemesia
  8. More earthy? UM is an arboretum, no really. Start your tour at UMUC opposite the soccer fields off Lot 1/Z
  9. Find the small town-within-a-college-town: Berwyn, and align your chakra at Smile Herb Shop
  10. Find another hidden Town, University Park, an idyllic Stepford-meets-Princeton residential town, South of College Park, just opposite Hyattsville’s Prince George’s Plaza and Riverdale Park Station.

Justin Fair

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