Where do you like to get your work done?

On rainy-humid days like these, I find myself wondering where’s the dream-spot for me to get work done? Should I be at Riggio Design getting work done? Do I miss the old DSAG space? Should I be at UMD McKeldin Library or out at a park overlooking a view somewhere? Or maybe a friend’s cozy home where I’ll be comfortable but not distracted?

And then the idea of a cozy Starbucks hits me–or better yet, a small locally-owned coffee house would be even better. One like Potter’s House in Columbia Heights, or the now-closed Spotlight Cafe in Mt. Rainier, or what the College Perk in College Park apparently used to be. I enjoy a clean worktable amongst activity. The table itself should have some type of organic or stylistic element that allows me to really enjoy the area (i.e. a tall grass plant, a branch in the background, the side of the table is curved and has a beautiful wooden-finish, or it’s a sleek piece of white wood, etc…) Oh, and the desk is an L or U shaped desk (or a series of surfaces around me) so I can spread out. Behind this productive zone is a natural source of light and a tasteful artificial lamp (one that’s bendable?). My trusty tools are my laptop, my cell phone, my camera, my sketchbook, a book, and a comfy chair–for starters.
I’d like this magical space of mine to be a place where I can plug in all of my gadgets for free and one that naturally keeps me charged just by enjoying the space. Then, in this dream world of mine I might have a cup of something-delicious, a pillow for my head, a little sign greeting those around me, ohhh the list goes on. Oh, and I should mention I can easily swivel around this magical desk and quickly get up when I need to. My dream spot is a lot–but perhaps one day it can be a reality.

Of course, I work today so none of those are real possibilities, but I do know I love to be in stimulating and peaceful environments where there’s busy-ness in the background but not enough to distract me from my work. I suppose that’s why I like art galleries so much. I can be surrounded by beautiful artwork, natural light, and have the freedom to work on my own as well as collaborate with others.

Now I just need the perfect studio setting: The essentials will keep me happy: An orderly workspace, something organic, and a nice chair.

Here’s a random photograph that started it all, found on The Cool Hunter blog of Bangkok University Creative Center. Could you imagine getting any work done here? Some of the photos look really charging, other ones leave me a bit too buzzed-lime-green not to have a headache.

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  1. sparksmia says:

    I like the dreaminess of this post. I, too, imagine the ideal workshop (for all sorts of work…. I utilize varied media). Mine includes a cutting table for pattern cutting. One thing I do not have at home, and miss from UMD.