Urban Planning & Community Development

With seven years of active, hyper-local community planning experience, I'm always eager for a good challenge! Ask me about my work in City and Regional Planning; keywords are: trail map cartography, neighborhood plans, tiny houses, and community fitness!

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Graphic Design & Illustrations

I am grateful to draw logos that are eccentric yet pragmatic; bold yet relatable. I also used to design websites, but am no longer accepting new clients. Recent clients include a barber in Hyattsville, a vehicle upholsterer in Gaithersburg, and a DC-area Maryland realtor.

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Original Paintings, Drawings, Photography

I work in acrylic paintings, charcoal drawings, pastels, and photography. I am thankful to share my creative energies with friends, clients, and collectors. My artwork often phrases dark themes with an optimistic silver lining. With a rich palette of innate tones and textures, I explore primal human concepts, like conflict-of-character, childhood joys and spiritual awakening.

Furthermore, I channel heartfelt concepts stemming from fearful isolation, question, and unknown opportunity into narratives of conquering fear, earnest devotion and capturing joy. My work is autobiographical and an exploration of discipline or the lack there-of.

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Meet Me

Hello, my name is Justin Orlando Fair. I am a Baltimore-based urban planner-designer, graphic designer, and visual artist. Love me some titles. I have worked professionally in the creative arts since 2008. My partnerships and services include non-profits, small businesses, artists, and designers who desire inspirational artwork, graphic design, and consultations to improve hyper-local design needs. I now work with my existing clients to develop visual instruments that resonate with customers and the public at-large.

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Where You Come In

Please browse my Community Projects, Client Packages and Clients List, my Portfolio and Biography from the menu list above. I also invite you to see what I’m up to on my Blog and to sign up to my Mailing List. There, I’ll keep you updated on my projects and I’ll share finds and write on topics that range from wellness and workouts, to pop culture and inspirational street art, to improving the ‘street fabric’ and health of Maryland’s neighborhoods.

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