Revitalizing Columbia

April 10, 2011Urban Planning

While at Columbia Town Ctr, I came across this neat wall poster–advocating different neighbors with new technologies and implementations for a growing suburban area. At the bottom in small font is, which tells me this poster (without reading material nearby) is just a neat way of saying ‘stuff’s planned (and happening!)’ I’ll have to … Read More

Do they think ppl are stupid or just foolish?

April 8, 2011Art + Design

Look at this sign I’m looking at on the bus. Do they really think ppl who use cocaine will openly confess it in order to get money in order to help research? Can’t the police just subpoena the information or narc it later or something? If not, still, what a system we have. One branch … Read More

Make It Better

April 6, 2011Art + Design

I just came across this cool typography video, “Make It Better” by Thanks to Rayhan for sharing this on his blog. MAKE IT BETTER from Clim on Vimeo. MAKE IT BETTER from Clim on Vimeo. Note: This has nothing to do with my performance art video, I’ll try to get better.

Baltimore’s Red Line

March 31, 2011Urban Planning

My brother Jason works as part of a program the City of Baltimore has started to provide creativity and better functionality for Baltimore’s upcoming Red Line. Please read the article, there’s a lot of good juice here! On the Line by Rebecca Messner – Urbanite Magazine For residents, the Red Line is both godsend and … Read More