A groovy kind of love

February 19, 2018Facebook, Instagram, IRL: Place-Locales-Artists, Pop Culture & Performance

www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10106839754029948&set=a.10100455794216588.2762331.5739920&type=3 www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10106839753940128&set=a.10100455794216588.2762331.5739920&type=3 www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10106839753995018&set=a.10100455794216588.2762331.5739920&type=3 It's just a groovy kind of love #themindbenders t.co/uyXqC4kJqc — Justin Fair (@Soulstrong) February 19, 2018

“Fuck you, I like guns.”

February 17, 2018Facebook, Manners and Morals, Politics, Wellness

“The choice rifle for years has been some variant of what civilians are sold as an AR-15. Whether it was an M-4 or an M-16 matters little. The function is the same, and so is the purpose. These are not deer rifles. They are not target rifles. They are people killing rifles. Let’s stop pretending … Read More

10 Thoughts on Anna Holmes’ New York Times Op-Ed ‘Black With (Some) White Privilege’

February 14, 2018Black, Race + American, Facebook

“THIS piece alleges that mixed kids exercise some sort of white privilege by virtue of having a white parent. I think this entire premise is flawed; it is ENTIRELY circumstantial. She’s somehow conflating colorism with proximity to whiteness, and they’re two entirely different things. You can be light-skinned with two black parents and receive the … Read More

Opinion | Black With (Some) White Privilege

February 14, 2018Black, Race + American, Facebook

Black with (some) White Privilege My favorite snippet: “The writer and activist Rebecca Walker (1969) told “The Loving Generation” director Lacey Schwartz last month that she believes biracial and mixed-race fluidity has led to significant cultural and political contributions. “Our ability to see things from so many different perspectives has really been a boon for … Read More