January 15, 2020Tech & Science, Twitter

I’m tired of people using the term colorblind to not mean the inability to properly perceive color. Spare me your race-related b.s. metaphor and buy me some @EnChroma classes instead. — Justin אורי Fair (@Soulstrong) January 15, 2020 I just received my results after taking the EnChroma Color Blind Test! I’m Deutan color-blind. You can … Read More

“An eerie, tech-enabled future of disinformation.”

December 21, 2019Tech & Science, Twitter

Facebook says it has removed hundreds of accounts with ties to the Epoch Media Group that featured profile pictures generated with artificial intelligence. Researchers say the profiles show "an eerie, tech-enabled future of disinformation." — The New York Times (@nytimes) December 21, 2019