I wear many hats: my love for the arts and defined ideas has lead me to community development: Not only do I study City and Regional Planning at Morgan State University, focusing on Urban Design and Economic Development; I am thankful to say I now work with the State of Maryland strengthening the State’s Housing and Community Development needs.
From 2012-2018, I also worked as a community organizer with the Hyattsville Community Development Corporation in Prince George’s County.

All said, I am eager to get better involved by volunteering and familiarizing myself with community development organizations and urban planning firms within the City of Baltimore and Maryland at large. My prominent activity is summarized in my biography, and all involvement roles are listed below.

My Leadership Roles


My Memberships

As a nutty list-maker, I’ve written-out my leadership positions followed by yearly or monthly giving to local non-profit organizations (see below!). For an additional list of companies, influencers and associations that grab my attention, browse my Twitter Lists.

They typically fit into these categories:

  • City and Regional Planning,
  • Judaism,
  • African-American studies,
  • The Arts and Humanities (History, Journalism, etc.), and
  • Health and Wellness.